Privacy Notice - We help you share your memories with the world!

This skill is designed to allow you to enter and share information with the world such as your memories. Everything you enter into this skill is accessible by anyone that has access to Alexa, echo, and This is a public skill and is a public site, and we don't provide privacy for any memories you enter because the purpose of the MemoryMimic Skill and this site is to share your memories with others.

This skill uses Login with Amazon and Amazon manages your password. Amazon's customers' privacy is important to Amazon. We do not have access to your password, and we don't have the abiltiy to change or modidy your email, zip code, or your name that you have associated with Amazon.

This skill is not created by Amazon and everything you enter into and the memorymimic skill is accessible by anyone that has access to your functioning skill on Alexa, your echos, Google Actions, Siri, search engines or your page. This skill collects personal information like memories from our customers that is accessible from Alexa, echos, and your account by anyone who has access to these devices such as search engines.

This skill is designed to share your memories with the world. Please know that we disclose that our skill's policies are designed to collect, use, disclose, and distribute your memories or other things (customer data) you enter into memorymimic so that others can access them.

Sharing Levels: All items are visible by the public. Public items are viewable at all times even if made a different sharing level after being posted. All items can be seen by administrators, hackers, and by anyone if a system error occurs.

You can delete and edit your memories you enter with your skill (Alexa App) from your dashboard. Just login at and use the features from the menu. Everything you enter from the skill is fully open to the public with no privacy. When you use, we try to limit who can see items designated with a sharing level other than public, but we don't guarantee any privacy or limits. Users should view all information placed on the site or app as public and viewable by anyone even if marked as limited or other non-public Sharing Level. Our priority is to provide you a public place to share everything you enter into memorymimic such as your memories.

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